July 02, 2006

Sex Crazy India

Just saw three stories in a row on TV all pointing out the mania in our society about male child and its severe repurcussions...I am deeply disturbed and very frustrated. One woman with two daughters wants to use the latest 'gender mentor kit' called as the jantar mantar kit in India to determine the sex of her third child...god! what if it is a girl? of course she needs to be killed..after all we all need a male heir! I wonder how people blurt out such statements so matter of factly. Another man feels cheated because he bought a boy child and adopted him but a few years later he turned out to be suffering form a degenrative diseease-causing much dis-ease to all of them...his grandfather justified their hunt for another male child to be adopted by saying somehting to the effect, " we need a fit male child to take care of us in our old age, the first will fail to do so, we obviously need another one"...i don't know how to react and am scared of over-reacting but can't keep quiet somehow...i am not even sure if it is only a case of one of the worst forms of gender-based violence anymore. Do we bear and rear children only so that they can look after us and be there in our old it such a selfish and calculative act? just because the male child has an illness he ought tp be discarded? more so because he was adopted and not a biological child? what are we doing as a society and will this ever stop? all my dreams and plans to have a kid of my own get negatively affected as I hear these I have a right to create a life and bring her or him to this scary world...where children are being treated as commodities, where girls are more often than not killed, despised, shunned, discarded just becasue they have a vagina and not a penis? what else is sex-based determination?


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